Sometimes you need a break, not because you need it, but just because you deserve it. The same applies to me, writing blog posts about #Maridalsalpene in the series of blog post where we alreadyRead More

This time we embark on a journey to #Gaupekollen. This blog post is a continuation in the series of blog post about #Maridalsalpene where we already have visited Oslo summits Raudløkkollen, Oslo summits Mellomkollen, OsloRead More

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Our fairy tale visit to Maridalsalpene continues and this time it takes us to Furumokollen. Furumokollen can be translated to Pine tree hill and during this blog post you might get an idea why itsRead More

Continuing our journey of spectacular views in Maridalsalpene the next hill on our list is the easiest one available within reach. It is 430 meters high or above sea level (MASL). Øyungskollen is the easiestRead More

I am one of those who keeps an eye on the prize, that is generally speaking about climbing mountains and reaching summits. Just to be crystal clear, I am no mountain climber who wears specialRead More