The primary intended use of this blog is to share IT related tips and tricks based on experience. I have studied Computers since high school and was very interested in technology in general while growing up. No, no I am not a Generation-X og Generation-Y person! I am born in the early 80’s so that rules out that part. I am blessed to work with technology that I adore and what I am fascinated by, so to cut the chase, this blog is supposed to give something back to the IT community. I feel like I am getting old, as I am reaching my forties, so I feel a bit obligated to share my experience with the young guns and some of the newbies within the IT field.

IT Pro in making!

I have been working as an IT consultant for the last 15 years, gathering experience along the path and starting where most of us IT-Pros start i.e.

1. IT support technician

2. Senior IT support technician

3. Junior IT administrator

4. Senior IT administrator

5. Junior IT Consultant

6. Senior IT Consultant

Area of expertise!


Well to simply list the products that I work with or have worked with during my time as IT pro include:

Microsoft Active Directory (AD DS), Domain naming system (DNS), Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP), Network Time Protocol (NTP), Group policies (GPO), Public Key infrastructure (PKI), Distributed file system (DFS), Simple mail transfer protocol (SMTP), Radius server (RAS), Direct Access, System center Configuration Manager (SCCM), System center Operations Manager (SCOM), System center Service Manager (SCSM), Windows deployment service (WDS), Microsoft Deployment Kit (MDT), MS SQL, Microsoft Exchange, Windows Server 2003, Windows server 2008, Windows server 2012, Windows server 2016, Windows server 2019, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 10, Sharepoint on-prem and Sharepoint Online, Azure AD, Office 365, Powershell, VB scripting….


Cisco catalyst switches and ASA firewalls. Extreme Switches, along with PaloAlto Network firewalls and Checkpoint firewalls. Fiber based and copper based networks.

Other stuff?

This includes numerous MFA products like RSA, Microsoft MFA, Duo security etc. Vmware vCenter and Hyper-V, SAN’s mostly IBM based and some Microsoft based on SOFS. Monitoring tools and SELM solutions like Splunk and ELK stack. Other things worth mentioning are general architecture and design of IT systems.

My latest technical blog posts

My latest travel blog posts

Beside being a nerd I also like travelling out in the nature. Here are some of my blog posts regarding these places. Especially worth reading if you are intending to travel to Norway or Oslo in particular.

My latest blog posts

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I and Microsoft @ Øyungskollen summit
I and Microsoft @ Raudløkkollen summit

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